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Help Needed

You were quite rightly saddened, horrified, indignant and most of all vociferous about the potential loss of our number 54 lifeline. You were empathetic with the plight of our elderly resident who's daughter so eloquently wrote to Curry Rivel Online to express her concern at her mother's potential isolation should the service be withdrawn.

But there is an organisation trying to help; campaigning for our valuable services to be retained.  Somerset Bus Partnership is a voluntary organisation formed some 2 years ago. It now has 150 bus champions and works with 125 Parish Councils across Somerset.

It ensures the views of bus users are heard on what they need from bus services in our County, which means people can get to where they want to, when they want to, and the journey is reliable, comfortable and affordable. Key to the journey experience is easy access to bus information, improved bus stops and bus stations, and bus services that integrate with rail.

Somerset Bus Partnership is looking to expand its work over the next 12 months. However, it needs more resource to help do this.

Curry Rivel Online is informed that Curry Rivel is conspicuous by its absence on the list of parishes already involved!

Curry Rivel needs a Bus Champion!

So all of you who commented, 'liked' 'empathised' or shared 'angry faces' on Facebook, if you do not already, could you spare an hour a month to help? Somerset Bus Partnership could do with some assistance with membership and administration. Do you have a background in Planning, Traffic Management or Public Transport? Or have fundraising experience and could help with submitting fundraising plans?

If you can help please get in contact: or find out more on Facebook

And if you do volunteer via any of the links above, do let your Parish Council know – contact or 07534 318840 or just email and tell us about it.

For everyone though, since the £2.00 bus far cap has been extended until December 2024, for goodness sake, just get on a bus!

Use it or lose it has rarely been more true.

So come on readers and commenters and 'angry facers'; don't go all quite on us now!

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