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Currywoods Conservation Trust (CWCT)

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About CWCT

The Curry Woods Community Trust (CWCT) is a small local charity which was formed when 9 acres of farmland and mature woodland came up for sale on a ridge above the Levels. During 2020, in spite of the pandemic, they raised £60K, mainly from the local community, to buy the land. A team of willing volunteers, including the top two classes from our local school, have already planted 500 trees and shrubs on the farmland and the local community has enjoyed the wildflower meadow that has developed alongside them.

How to get there

Starting from in front of the church, walk away from the Green and turn sharp left up Butt Lane. At the top, where Butt Lane meets Dyers Road, carry on straight over into the unnamed lane going north. (It is actually Hellards Hill Lane but isn't marked.) Follow the lane round two bends, first to right and next to left. Carry on on the next bend to the right, but don't turn, instead walk straight ahead into the CWCT land. You can't miss it now as the 200 trees already planted are very obvious in their green guards. It's a nice walk from the Green, taking 15-20 minutes and can be made into a circular walk if you carry on down the lane and take the footpath to your right before the house at the end of the lane. That brings you out to Dyers Road, cross over and keep straight on back to the Green.

Funding success

CWCT was chosen to enter both the Aviva Community Fund and their Climate Fund, and they were very successful, being awarded nearly £4000!

Find out more

You can find out more at the CWCT website,
or phone 07903030533.

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