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Heating Initiatives Project

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Curry Rivel's project

Curry Rivel Parish Council has been awarded £6,460 by Somerset County Council for a project looking at how we can improve heating the buildings in the village.
We have contracted a specialist company to get advice on what will work here. You can download their report from here.
Since we started this project, the sharp rise in energy prices has made this project all the more urgent.

Village meeting

A village event was held in Curry Rivel on October 12th. The Heating Initiatives project team presented the findings of the project to the village, in collaboration with other Somerset organisations who are working in this area. See here for details:

How to get advice on saving energy and money

Local organisations who can provide advice include:

Other local organisations working on energy and climate include:

You can contact the Curry Rivel Heating Initiatives team on


Most of us live in houses that are at least a few years old. Improving the insulation and heating of an existing house is called "Retrofitting". As every house is different, the help of a trained and trusted advisor is needed. Retrofit Somerset are a good place to start.

Getting approved and impartial advice

The best source of advice on heating in Somerset is probably the Centre for Sustainable Energy. They have a freephone energy advice line specially for Somerset, on 0800 038 5730. You can email them on See for details.

Beware cold callers and cowboys

We hear that there are some less than honest traders touting for business right now. I'm sure that we all getting phone calls out of the blue offering help with insulation and heating. Beware! Consumer organisations like Which recommend that you don't respond to traders who "cold call" you. A big part of this project is to help people get honest, local advice. We suggest some good contacts above.

Levels Climate Forum

If you are interested in what Curry Rivel Parish Council and nearby councils are doing about climate change, you might like to look at the Levels Climate Forum. It meets mostly online, and you can see some excellent presentations by local experts at It was also involved with an in-person conference, "SCOP26" to echo last year's "COP26" climate conference, and another to echo this year's conference in Egypt: see
More information at

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