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Your Bus Route Is Under Threat

You know that bus that runs through the village – not very often, it must be said – but nevertheless the only bus we have access to. Yes, that's it, the 54, Yeovil to Taunton, via Somerton. It passes through our village and stops at the One Stop every two hours from 07.35 a.m. until 18.45 (the 10 minute difference not explained) going towards Yeovil. In the opposite direction to Taunton, the first runs at 07.48 and then every two hours from 09.32 until 17.32, with an outlier bringing up the rear at 19.30. Well, that's what the timetable says anyway.

We whinge, we moan, we complain that the bus just doesn't get us where we want to be when we want to be there! Agreed, it doesn't if you have an early appointment at a hospital, a doctor – a school to attend, a job!

But how would you feel if it wasn't even an option?

How would you feel if that choice was taken away from you – not just at rush hour, but right through the day?

No bus.



You don't think it couldn't happen?

Well, that is exactly what is now being proposed.

Curry Rivel Online reproduces below in full a letter received from Peter Travis, Co-Chair of the Somerset Bus Partnership. Read it, digest it, get angry and then DO SOMETHING! You are invited to join either or both Zoom meetings, the one on Tuesday 17th October at 19.00 hrs obviously most relevant to our village.

But if you can't do that, just GET ON A BUS!



Dear All,

Somerset Council has stated at the end of March your local bus route will come under threat. There are four Buses of Somerset bus routes that will be under threat.

They are:

  • 54 Yeovil to Taunton
  • 58/58a Yeovil to Wincanton
  • 25 Taunton to Dulverton
  • 28 Taunton to Minehead

These are all key routes in the Somerset bus network. Each one of vital importance to the communities it serves.

Because Somerset Council's 24/25 Budget is going to be under so much pressure, we're being told there simply won't be enough cash available for Somerset to continue to support these vital bus routes.

Somerset Council and First South: Buses of Somerset have explained to make them commercially viable, passenger number on these routes need to increase ... not just at busy commuting times, but also during the off-peak times.

Somerset Council has invited Somerset Bus Partnership to work with local councillors and our bus champions who live along these routes to work together and help boost bus patronage on these bus services.

So we plan to hold two Zoom meetings next week, one this Monday (16th ) and the second this Tuesday (17th), both meetings to begin at 7:00pm.

The purpose is for us to discuss what we can do locally within our towns and parishes to protect these bus services. These routes are so important to the communities where we live and which we represent. They provide the essential link to nearby towns, especially for those residents with no option but to go by bus. Also, given the challenge of the Climate Emergency, these bus services provide an important and (given the extension of the £2 fare to 31 December 2024) a very affordable alternative to going by car.

Monday's meeting will tend to focus more on the routes to the west of Taunton, so the routes to Minehead (28) and to Dulverton (25).

Tuesday's meeting will centre more on the Yeovil routes, the 54 to Taunton and the 58/58A to Wincanton.

You are welcome to join either or both of these meetings.

Topic: Your Buses of Somerset bus route is under threat

Time: Oct 16, 2023 07:00 PM London
Access the Zoom Meeting using the link below
Monday Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 867 5067 5723
Passcode: 299669
Here's the link to the Monday 16th meeting at 7:00pm

Topic: Your Buses of Somerset bus route is under threat

Time: Oct 17, 2023 07:00 PM London
Access the Zoom Meeting using the link below
Tuesday Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 856 8621 5332
Passcode: 747561
Here's the link to the Tuesday 17th meeting at 7:00pm

I do hope you will be able to join at least one of these sessions.

Together, and individually, we need to do everything we can to ensure we keep these bus routes that serve our communities.

Peter Travis
Co Chair – Somerset Bus Partnership

You can find out more about Somerset Bus Partnership, its work and how you could join the group on this website by clicking the link HERE.

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