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Curry Rivel Parish Council Active Travel Project

The existing busy stretch of the A378 between Curry Rivel and Langport is unsuitable for cyclists and pedestrians due to being very narrow in places and the volume and speed of traffic that uses it. Residents of Curry Rivel and surrounding villages rely on amenities in Langport and Huish Episcopi such as local shops and businesses, doctors, the library, the secondary school and Huish Leisure Centre, but the vast majority use their cars to travel there and back.

The need for, and benefits of, an alternative transport link is clear and is supported by residents and businesses alike. Benefits include:

  • safer routes for children and students to get to their place of study.
  • better access for everyone to fresh air, exercise and leisure which in turn will contribute to better health and well-being.
  • Easier access to local shops and businesses with a positive impact for local trade.
  • New freedoms for residents (and visitors) to connect with and enjoy the rural environment.
  • New opportunities to improve biodiversity along the route.

Following the feasibility study carried out 2021, a preferred Active Travel route was identified as the most suitable for providing an accessible, safe and traffic free path between the Curry Rivel and neighbouring communities. Discussions and consultation residents, with landowners, local schools and businesses over the past two years have resulted in widespread support for the project.

As well as a walking/cycling path, the project has also revealed many improvements in and around Curry Rivel that would make it safer for pedestrians to get around and encourage more people to travel on foot or by other non-motorised means. In 2023, these improvements were adopted by the Parish Council to be considered by developers and other interested third parties.

The Primary School is embarking on Modal Shift which is a scheme to encourage more children to exercise and for parents to travel to and from school other than by car.

Active Travel Working Group
The project is managed by the Active Travel Working group which consists of the following Members:

  • Parish Councillors: Matt Geen (Chair), Marcus Hembrow (Vice Chair) Terry Mounter and Coling Thornton
  • Somerset County Councillor Richard Wilkins
  • Community Members: Tony Greenaway, David Harvey, Jemma Routledge and Mark Robinson.

The terms of Reference for this group are below. To find out more, or to volunteer contact the Working Group at

News about progress can be found on the Active Travel Updates Page

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