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Parish Council survey 2023

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Curry Rivel Parish Council would like to correctly represent the view of people living in the parish, so we have created a questionnaire.

It asks a few questions about you: you don't have to fill these in, but it's useful for us to have an idea of which parts of the village are responding.

There are a few general questions, such as whether we should ask for less money and do less, or ask for more and do more. The Parish Council currently takes less than 4% of the average council tax bill.

Somerset Council, like most if not all area councils, is facing budgetary difficulties this year. That means that they will be forced to do less of some things that they normally do. Are you prepared to pay a little more to the parish council so that we can employ someone locally to make sure that those jobs get done?

People in Curry Rivel are concerned about traffic. One thing that might help could be to extend the 20 mph limit that is currently just around the school to a wider area of the village, including part of the A378. Somerset Council has suggested that we ask people in the parish whether they would support a 20 mph zone. If so, to then pay them around £500 for them to investigate the feasibility of such a scheme in the parish. Finally, if the result of that is positive, to pay for the works to make it happen from the parish funds. That would cost in the order of £15,000, which would need us to increase the parish component of the council tax by around a quarter (about 30p a week for one year).

This questionnaire will be live until the end of 2023.
Thank your for letting us know what you think.

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