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We have some photos from Curry Rivel Live 2018.
You can find these and more on our Gallery page on the website

We have photographer Mike Mason to thank for these images and we understand that he has just turned 80..... So Happy Birthday Mike..... and thanks for the fish.... err surely some mistake ed.... thanks for the pics.

If you have some interesting photos from Curry Rivel Live (or any other Curry Rivel event) why not send them to the website

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TG: Sun 05 Apr

Unfortunately amongst all the goodwill and help being offered by the good folk of Curry Rivel there are some bad folk who believe it is their right to steal from others.The latest example involve some nice plant pots stolen last night from outside a property in the High Street.This is a reminder to everyone to be vigilant not only for 'Red Cards in Windows' but for people up to no...

TG: Sat 04 Apr 12:23pm

Dear all. I hope to give you an update each week on the work of the Curry Rivel Community Support Group whilst these challenging times remain.It is hard to believe that it is only one week ago that we completed at very short notice our aim of delivering our help information leaflet and red and green cards to everyone in our Parish. As i go round the village for my exercise or to help as a...

TG: Thu 02 Apr 9:28am

In these difficult times there are many original and creative ways that people are occupying and making the most of their time. Many suggestions are already on line but we wondered what the good folk of Curry Rivel are doing.So here's the thing — why not share your ideas with others using the Curry Rivel facebook page or email them with any video links you have to edit...