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Covid Rules for Use of Village Hall

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trackand trace

Under current COVID rules, anyone using Curry Rivel Village Hall must record they have visited the premises, so that they can be traced should someone using the hall develop COVID 1

This can be done in two ways, as detailed below:

* Using a smart phone, scan the QR code on entering Curry Rivel Village Hall. People using the NHS QR code do NOT need to provide contact details to their event organiser.

The hall has a unique QR code for the NHS Track and Trace system, and is prominently displayed at the entrance.

In the event of an outbreak at the hall, a message will be sent to the relevant App user with the necessary health advise.

All hall users should if possible download the COVID-19 App via App Store or Google Play

* If you do not have a smart phone, then contact details must be recorded by the person organising the event at the hall. The organiser must record the date and time the event started, the name and contact telephone number or email of everyone who attended the event. These contact details must be retained for 21 days, and then disposed of and deleted and comply with GDPR.

Exceptions to the above are Police or Emergency Responders, those under 16, or if someone does not have the mental capacity to provide their contact details.

Failure to comply with collecting and maintaining details, by either of the above methods, is punishable by a fine. The first fixed penalty being £1000.

The above applies to all Village Halls and Community facilities in England and Wales

Thanks for your support,

Roger Hampton

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