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CRiB July 2022 News

1st July 2022 @ 10:10am
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South West in Bloom Judging July 2022 762296

The village will be judged on Monday 11th July. We hope to have all our projects finished by then and that the village will be looking lovely. Please help us by weeding the front of your property where the wall meets the pavement, cutting grass edges and verges. Maybe put out some pretty pots. The village always looks lovely for judging day as so many villagers join in and spruce things up. Thank you everyone. Let's see if we can win GOLD again!

What Happens on 11th July
The judges will see a power point presentation documenting our work through the year and then be taken on a tour of the village , visiting the Church which will be decorated by the Flower Guild, the war memorial, Granny's Garden , the railings, Parsonage Place, Batty Piece and Eastfield. They will have lunch in the village hall prepared by the WI and will have the opportunity to meet volunteers and helpers from the village. After lunch they will visit the school gardens, the CRiB allotment and Curry woods Conservation trust site. These are called IYNs 'Its Your neighbourhood' and they are village projects that will be given half an hour of judging each. Thank you to all our volunteers. People don't always see what goes on in the background and it is a lot of hard work ! its all about community involvement and the environment .

Front Garden Competition
This was won by Geoff Fling at Corner cottage in Back Lane for his wonderful front garden display that included the Queen and a special badge made of flowers to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the WI in Curry Rivel. Second prize is shared by Counterpoint House and The Limes. Third prize goes to the Bambles in Hoskins Close, highly commended are 1, Hillside close and 55, Parsonage Place. Well done to everyonewho entered.

Jobs to do in the Garden in July
Keep on top of watering , use saucers under pots to save excess water. Have a water butt to save on your water bill. When it rains put out extra bowls and buckets to save as much as you can.

Thin out heavy crops of apples if the June drop hasn't already done so, remove any damaged fruit to allow healthy fruit to grow.

Remove the lower leaves on tomato plants in the greenhouse to allow air to circulate and let the plants concentrate on fruiting.

Mow lawns regularly and leave the cuttings as a mulch , if the cuttings aren't too long this is an excellent way to keep your lawn weed free it also adds nitrogen to the lawn and supresses weeds. In hot weather don't cut too short as the grass will frazzle!

Deadhead flowers regularly unless you want to make seed. Petunias need dead heading behind the dead flower taking off the developing seed head or they will become leggy and stop flowering.

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