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What a bloomin' good show!

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Gardeners of Curry Rivel you truly shone today.

The disappointing weather did not diminish your artistry in any way and despite an occasional 'watering' on the journey, it was well worth it to see the wonderful spaces you have created. I am in awe!

I spent just short of the four allotted hours trotting around with my camera and am ashamed to say I did not see all the gardens; I missed the allotments, failed to view the wild meadows, left out Lower Wiltown and somehow slipped past the Cider Barn (at mere minutes to five, so probably just as well). And as for those promised jams and jellies in Abbey Close – my mouth waters, but I just couldn't make it. The front gardens will still be there tomorrow – so I might just take a wander back!

It seems a common theme across many of these gardens is allowing nature to thrive, to give over a little bit to a wilder way of gardening, less formality, a softer and friendlier approach which does seem to be reaping benefits judging by the abundance of wildflowers and self-seeded perennials taking pride of place. Now I'm no gardener, but even I could pick out a pyramidal and bee orchid and, I'm please to say, spotted both.

So here is just a quick taster of some of the lovely plants I saw today. There will be more as the week goes by, and do feel free to send me your own photos too. I may not be able to include them all, but a selection over the coming days would be wonderful!

You can view a larger image by clicking on the photos.

I'd love to have been able to see all the beautiful gardens. I know it's a full on day for those of you involved in the organisation, those of you welcoming us into your gardens, providing refreshments and plant sales, but I think in all honesty this needs more than four hours! I could have spent all day and still not had enough!

As for the scarecrows – well that's a whole other story. And I'm clocking off for the night so all that remains to say today is thank you! A really BIG thank you!

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