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Footpath Warden Reports on More Litter

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Hello people in our wonderful community- CURRY RIVEL.
First of all I would like to extend a very BIG thank you to our Chairman of Curry Rivel Parish Council, Derek Yeomans, for his very kind and personal contribution by providing 8 litter pickers for our continued clean up. Thank you Derek for your support and commitment to our parish.

The reason I write about litter, is to inform our community just how much it spoils our wonderful surroundings, to encourage members of our community to take extra care when disposing of their waste and stand up against littering. fly tipping, and graffiti.

To give an example; above is a picture of vodka bottles I retrieved from the ditch on Saturday 12/12/2020. Just off Dyers road as you turn down the foot way by the post box and rubbish bin towards Parsonage Place via Maple Rd. In a space of 10 feet were 9 vodka bottles. These bottles would never decompose! They would have been there for ever, degrading out community and encouraging others to do the same. Aluminium cans and silver lined crisp packets will take 75-100 years to decompose.

Many people ask me if so much litter is created by weekly council collection teams. There is no doubt that there are a few examples of spillage. However, the rubbish that I pick up is often in place before our bin men arrive, not litter from our recycling bins. I mainly collect lager tins, coke tins, various other energy canned drinks and plastic/glass drink bottles, coffee cups, sandwich packets, sweet wrappers, face masks, used dog pooh bags, cigarette packets and butts, wet wipes, banana skins and orange peel, (although natural, is waste, and takes two years to decompose) -- all the sorts of waste discarded on our highways by people who litter.

So please bring this to the notice of anyone you know who litters, and help them to understand why littering is such a huge problem.

In addition to the above, I also collect a large number of Costa Coffee cups and MacDonald's food wrappers, which appear on our network of minor roads. We don't have either of these outlets near Curry Rivel.

On Sunday I came across tyres dumped in a local ditch before Black Smock Overbridge near Oath. A few weeks ago some more were dumped approximately 250m further back. The next picture, an example of recent fly tipping in Currymead Lane, piles of white tiles, part of an old bath, obviously part of a bathroom update. Someone knows who dumped this! It is totally unacceptable, again costing tax payers millions of pounds each year to clean up! So if you see fly tipping please take details andreport this to SSDC

Another picture shows graffiti Spoiling Black Smock over bridge. What a shame!

I collected three and a half large black sacks on Sunday 13/12/2020 from Redhill to Black Smock over bridge, turning right towards Wick and home via Currywoods way. A distance of 5.5 miles. The picture shows what was collected. Ok some of it is old, but it is totally unacceptable, anti social and an unnecessary cost which all tax payers contribute towards.

The other photo taken Monday 14/12/2020, North St to Drayton, Drayton Lane, Brickwall Lane, last cleaned up on 2/12/2020.
So join me in the fight against litter. Together, we can make a difference and encourage others to do the same. So let's hear what you all have to say about litter in our community. Especially if you litter, please explain why!

Feel free to contact me by email with any information or views

Please be polite no swearing. Make you voice count. 🙂 Merry Christmas.

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