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Cycle Footpath Report Approved. What Next?

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At a special meeting on 18th January, the Parish Council unanimously agreed to the recommendations for the design and route of the Active Travel path and gave the go ahead for the working group to explore the next steps.

The final route along with the recommended design requirements is available here

Just to add that whilst the drawings show the preferred route, there is much to be done, for example, negotiation with landowners and Somerset County Council before we can be sure that a path is viable and can go ahead

The Somerset County Council Transport Manager has taken a particular interest in this project because of its rural based nature and that eventually it could link to other villages.

With the appointment of Chris Boardman as Head of Active Travel UK which oversees the distribution of funds to projects that meet stringent standards, now is a good time to press ahead with our plans.

Watch this space for further updates and please write in with messages of support as we will no doubt need to show evidence of need when the time comes to seek funding

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