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A Cry for Help from Curry Rivel in Bloom

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for assistance from 20th April to 5th May to get the village looking good for the Coronation.

CRiB has sent Curry Rivel Online a list of jobs that need doing – ideally CRiB needs a working party, but everyone can play their part.

The War Memorial Garden:

  • The old faded bunting to come down.
  • The dead branches of the potato vine in the BLUE Garden to be cut out.
  • In the BLUE Garden the 2 fallen ropes to be re-affixed to the tops of the front posts.
  • A tidy up of the 2 tall bushes/trees in the WHITE Garden.The white tulip in the RED garden to be moved to the WHITE garden.
  • Weeds to be removed both in the garden area & some persistent dandelions in the paving.
  • Tying in the climbing plants to the posts & ropes.
  • Deadhead the daffodils.

Granny's Garden:

  • Weed the outer border, especially the back wall from the driveway, the Roses bed & the Rose Arch.
  • Any bulbs in the Roses beds to be removed & replanted in the grass for naturalizing there!
  • Tie in the Rose Arch if not done.
  • Cut back or remove the Gaura bushes in the Rose Arch bed (they are probably dead).

BP Garage

  • Weed, deadhead daffodils & tidy shrubs in front border.
  • The 5 corner pots near the picnic bench need weeding

If you can help please let CRiB know so that jobs can be coordinated. Contact

But more to the point, Curry Rivel in Bloom is currently without a Chairperson

Curry Rivel Online published an appeal for a Chairman, Treasurer and volunteers to continue the work of Gina, Annette and their band of helpers that resulted in our village winning several awards in national competitions.

You can read more about it by clicking this LINK.

Those vacancies have not yet been filled.  If you think you can take on either of the roles, or give your time as a volunteer in other ways, please shout out. You are badly needed.

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