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women39s circle

Every now and then a request to publish pops into's inbox about which she knows absolutely nothing (well, OK, quite often actually!).

This poster, accompanied by no explanation whatsoever is a case in point.

We are surely familiar with the WI, which meets every 2nd Thursday at 10.00 a.m. in the Village Hall and Ladies Circle (nearest Bridport). 

But what is a women's circle, what does it do; what are its aims; what kind of activities are planned? All questions Ed put to organiser, Laura.

Here is her response;

"A women's circle is exactly that, a circle of women coming together in community. It's purpose is to create an opportunity for women to connect with each other regularly in a safe space where they can be themselves and explore their lives and experience.

Historically women have always gathered together in community to share their wisdom. Sadly this is not the case these days, especially in western society. One of the results of globalisation is that families and communities are spread out, disconnected from each other and their roots.

In the group we will just be together to offer support to each other, to be a receptive audience for each other. The group is an organic entity, I will hold the space and offer suggestions, including meditation and breath work.

It is something I have been drawn to for a long time and finally feel able to offer. I have extensive experience in emotional health work and have attended group facilitation training. I am part of an on going women's circle and have experienced the benefits."

So, thank you for that Laura. Since receiving the reply Ed googled Women's Circle and found it is a national organisation with branches across the UK and online. None so far in Somerset by the way.

Find out more about Women's Circles at their website, HERE. Or get in touch with Laura – details above.

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