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What a load of rubbish! Your new collection days.

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new refuse collections

New service guides, including an 18-month collection calendar have begun to arrive in the former Sedgemoor and Somerset West and Taunton areas, as well as a small part of South Somerset.

I've got mine, though it nearly ended up in the recycling along with the other flyers, leaflets and unsolicited mail that make up my regular Royal Mail deliveries.

Everyone in these areas (whether affected or not?) will be getting the guide ahead of a change to collection days for some households.

Residents having a change of collection day will have received a letter earlier in the month letting them know that things are changing. (Ah, now I understand.)

The new guides and their delivery come at no cost to Somerset Council. They are funded by the council's collections contractor Suez recycling and recovery UK. (Well that's OK then.)

The changes will make rounds more efficient and manageable for crews, whilst reducing mileage and carbon emissions.

It is important that everyone looks out for their guide, checks it and keeps it for future reference.

Unfortunately, crews will not be able to return for collections if bins and boxes have not been put out on the correct day.

So, readers, my take away from this is that if you have received both a letter and a guide, your collections days are changing. If you have only received a guide, they are probably not.

Clear as mud then?

If you are unsure about whether or not your collection days are actually changing you will probably still need to check online. Or watch what your neighbours do!

Check if your address is affected here.

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