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Weather Warning

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weather warning

Who else spent the last few days dragging the garden furniture out of winter storage, brushing away the spider webs and sponging off the bird poo, plumping up the all weather cushions and enjoying a sneaky late afternoon beer on the patio?

Well, put it all back again unless you want to find it flying off into next doors yard.

OK, slight exaggeration, but with winds up to 50 mph forecast for this afternoon you might at least want to take the parasol down.

The Met Office have issued a yellow warning for swathes of the UK, including much of the South West. So whilst looking out of the window now I see a bright blue sky and a gentle breeze sending fluffy white clouds floating across the horizon (quite quickly, it must be said) in an hour or so I expect them to be scuttering by at quite a pace.

So take care on the roads, especially if you are a high sided vehicle.

Follow the link to the Met Office website here for more detail

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