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Use of Land as Amenity Area

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You only have two days left to Have Your Say!

Proposed Amenity Land, Langport Road

Your comments are invited in respect of the change of use of land fronting Langport Road that is to be transferred to the Parish Council. The land will be owned and managed by the Parish Council for use as public amenity area with a shared pedestrian and cycle route contained within. View it in more detail here or go to and search for reference number 23/00043/COU.

This application seeks to establish that the use of the land – coloured green and edged red – for amenity purposes will be approved by the Planning Dept before it is transferred. It is that Change of Use upon which your comments are invited.

So have your say. Do you welcome this proposal? Will you use the amenity space? Does it satisfy a need within the village for public space? Is it user friendly, will it enhance our village?

Or not.

If not, why not?

Make your feelings known to the planning officers.

The application is open for comments until 9th February, so you don't really have much time. You can comment online by following the link to the application and clicking the 'Comments' tab.

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