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Spring Forward

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Clocks go forward by an hour at 01:00 on Sunday 31 March.

Oh no, one hour less in bed!

This adjustment marks the beginning of British Summer Time (BST), also known as Daylight Saving Time (DST).

But why bother?

  • Mainly to make better use of natural daylight during longer days in summer. Moving the clocks forward maximises the evening daylight hours. This means lighter evenings allowing people to enjoy outdoor activities and leisure time after work or school.
  • During WWI Germany implemented daylight saving time as a way to conserve energy. Many European countries, including the UK, followed suit.
  • Increased productivity – apparently by taking advantage of an extra hour of daylight, farmers accomplish more; longer daylight hours mean agricultural workers can extend their working hours during peak growing seasons; your thoughts farmers?

So don't forget, to spring forward.

But who tells the sundial at Barrington Court?

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