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Mr Zummerset Comes Home, Part 2

by Robin Wale

Sadly, I leave Curry Rivel School. I remember the end of term summer sports day and picnics at Dornford House in those beautiful grounds. I Also recall my mum giving me a bag of old clothes that we had all grown out of for the rag and bone man and, in return, receiving a goldfish in a small plastic bag which invariably died after 3 days.

Huish Episcopi School was a big shock! The size and number of class rooms was overwhelming and took a bit of getting use to. The other change was having to cycle to school from home. Most of the time we would go Wick way, but sometimes up over Red Hill riding our bikes all the way up, Sadly I can barely walk up it now.

I only spent 2 years at Huish, when my parents decided to put me in for the 13 plus exam to go to Brymore School of Agriculture. I passed the entrance exam and had to go for a interview. At the time my Dad had a old Hillman car. As we drove up the imposing drive and entered the front of Brymore House there was a collection of up market cars and new Land Rovers belonging to the parents of other prospective candidates. My father, not wishing to let me down, did a quick U turn, drove back down the drive and parked behind a large conifer tree! Happily I passed the interview, and spent 4 happy years there.

The school incorporated a dairy herd, pig unit, poultry and rabbits. Throughout the year we all took it in turn to look after one of the units for a week. In my first term I had to look after the rabbits twice a day with fellow student Geoff Webb. So we wouldn't be late for breakfast I woke Geoff, who was a heavy sleeper, at 6.30. We crept down the stairs only to be met by the headmaster – not a person you wanted to upset – and he asked us were we where going. Explaining our task, he said "At just after midnight?" I had read my watch wrong, looking at it up side down. He promptly sent us back to bed.

I left Brymore thinking that I was going to stay home and work on the farm with my Dad. How wrong I was. Dad had other thoughts which was going to lead to a life that I never expected.

But that's for future editions.

Read more of Robin's Somerset story here.

Originally known as Huish Episcopi County Secondary School, the school was opened in July 1940 Huish Episcopi Academy ( ) , although the original grammar school can apparently be traced back to 1675. I wonder if any of today's students can enlighten us on that. Email

Huish Episcopi Academy
Brymore School of Agriculture, now Brymore Academy

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