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Only 6 Days till the Curry Rivel Flower Show

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Curry Rivel Flower Show 2023

Sat 12th Aug 2023, 2.30-4.30pm

Curry Rivel Village Hall
Kevin Loe 252579

The Curry Rivel Flower Show is this nearly here.

You can still pick up an entry form in from the Curry Rivel One Stop, Petrol Station, Sandpits Heating, Greenslade Taylor Hunt (Langport) and the Langport Library. You can also view the program  online  (see above) and email in your entry. It will only you £1 to enter as many classes as you like.

So how do you enter?

Bring your completed entry form to the Curry Rivel Village Hall on Thursday 10th August, 6.30-8.30pm. For £1 you can enter any number of 89 competition classes. If you are under 17 you enter FREE.......

  • There are 24 Vegetable classes, from the largest onion to unusual tomatoes.
  • We have 25 Flower classes, lots of cut flowers and flower arranging.
  • Soft fruit classes, Floral Art, Cakes and Jams, etc. 
  • You can enter the painting classes or a photo. 
  • There are classes for the young, who enter for free.

If you cannot enter on Thursday night, email us your entry, name, contact details and which classes you are entering, you can pay your £1 entry fee on Saturday morning.

What happens on the morning of the show?

Exhibitors should bring their entries to the Village Hall on Saturday 12th August, between 8-10.30am, all entries should be staged by 10.30am.

If you have entered by email, remember to pay you £1 entry fee on Saturday morning.

When you arrive on Saturday, you will be handed an entry card for every class you have entered and will be invited to stage your entries.

The Show will be open to the public 2.30-4.30pm.

Entry to the show is just £1, free if you are under 17.... so, bring the kids.

For every class there will a judged result, resulting in a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

There are many cups and prizes for the various sections, which are given out in a short ceremony at the end of the show.

We have a delicious assortment of cakes to partake of with your cup of tea or coffee.

So come along and see if you agree with the judges' decisions.

The Curry Rivel Flower Show is a local show for local people. Please Take part.

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