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Items Most Needed, 6th April 2023

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hot cross buns

This week a couple of special 'Thank Yous' from Foodbank Volunteers -

* The congregation of St Andrews provided Easter Eggs for all the children, and

* One Stop Curry Rivel donated packets of Hot Cross Buns for each family

But, much as we'd love to, one cannot live on Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns alone, so here's the list of items in short supply this week from 6th April 2023:-

Squash,  Breakfast cereals,  Pot noodles,  Tins of corned beef,  Mayonnaise, Tomato Ketchup,  Tins of soup,  Washing powder/tablets/gel,  Kitchen rolls

If you want to donate, there are several ways you can help -

  • take your non perishable goods to St Andrew's Church in Curry Rivel any day – the church is open during daylight hours – and leave it in the North Chapel, which is situated diagonally to the right of you as you enter through the main door
  • if your donation is of perishable/fresh produce please take it only between 10.30 and 11.30 a.m. on Wednesday so that volunteers on site can deal with it and distribute same day
  • take your donation (non perishable) to St Catherine's Church in Drayton where you will find a box in the porch specifically for the purpose
  • One Stop in Curry Rivel has a box where you can place your donations – just ask!
  • make a cash contribution, volunteers can take money or let you have the Food Bank account details so you can organise a direct transfer

To seek help or offer help please ring 01458 250997 or 07714 265384

Thank you and best wishes from all the Foodbank volunteers – have a Happy Easter!

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