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D-Day stories from Curry Rivel

5th June 2024 @ 7:07am
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20 years ago, Hugh Mowat and Nisbet Glen from Curry Rivel, who were involved with D-day, together with John Hoover from Swell, who was at Pearl Harbour, told their stories at a village event. It was recorded, and you can listen to them here.
Cdr John Hoover, Pearl Harbour.
Cdr Nisbet Glen, surveying for D-day
Hugh Mowat, parachuting into France.

All three are amazing stories, told by wonderful storytellers. This isn't dull history; it's real experience from people that we knew. Hugh Mowat was a consciencious objector in the Royal Army Medical Corps, who parachuted into Normandy the night before to set up a field hospital . Nisbet Glen surveyed the Normandy beaches under cover of darkness before the day. John Hoover's story brings to life another momentous day in the war.

They are no longer with us, and I am grateful to the family members who gave their permission to share these recordings again.

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