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Is Curry Rivel missing out on vital info about its bus service?

Is there information you'd like to find but don't know where to look?

Somerset Bus Partnership is keen to encourage local people to step forward to represent their areas. They dubbed these volunteers 'Bus Champions'.

You will find there is plenty of information about the role, what's expected of you and how you can take part at the website

You'll see our neighbouring parishes of Fivehead, Langport, Huish Episcopi, Curry Mallet and Stoke St Gregory all have representation, so it's probably about time Curry Rivel had a say.

Next time you wonder where that bus is, where does it stop and how much is it ( £2 at the moment ) you know what you can do about it!

In the meantime, if you want to plan a journey go to

And if you need to know where the bus actually stops – see the map above. From West to East, stops are largely opposite each other along the A378 whether you are traveling Yeovil direction or to Taunton;

  • Swell Turn (off map)
  • Moortown Lane
  • Chatham Place
  • One Stop
  • Parsonage Way
  • The Lodge
  • Park Lane (off map)
  • The Grange (off map)
  • Westover (of map)

There is also a handy 54 bus timetable attached – Summer 2023 until further notice. Click on the image to enlarge. I dare say you could save it to your phone or print it for future reference. Or get your own at

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