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Coronation 1953

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I remember the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II well,

says Jackie from Ilton

I was very lucky we lived in Surbiton at the time and this was only 1/2 hour train ride from London. My sister, who was 4 years older than me was allocated a school seat to sit along the route to watch the parade. My lovely Dad said if she was going to see the parade it was only fair that he and Mum took me to London to see the parade as well.

So we took the 7.00am train to London and made our way to Buckingham Palace. Somehow we made our way to the kerbside and met a very friendly, chatty policeman, who was guarding the crowds.

Eventually the golden carriage pulled up in front of us on it's way to the palace and I was over the moon when the policeman moved over to let me stroke Pompey the carriage horse. I don't remember why but Pompey was very famous at the time, I don't remember the names of any of the other horses.

As the time for the Queen to leave the palace drew nearer my Dad put me on his shoulders and eventually, from my lofty position (my Dad was 6'2" ), I shouted here she comes and the crowd surged towards the palace gates and the carriage turned left, the opposite way from us!

My Dad then decided it was time to leave and we rushed back to Waterloo station. We caught the train home and arrived just in time to turn on the 9" screen telly and watch her enter the Abbey. We then celebrated with a cup of tea and a slice of Mum's celebration cake decorated with a replica of the coach and horses.

(I don't know if you are aware Jackie, but Pompey lived until he was 19 years old. He died in 1953 and the regiment received messages of sympathy from all over the world. Ed)

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