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Let's talk about SPEED – Road Safety Week 2023

A message from Brake, the road safety charity:

We can think of no better time to introduce our theme for Road Safety Week 2023, our biggest annual campaign.

Let's talk about SPEED.

Just last week we heard that the Government is considering restricting councils from creating 20mph limits in local neighbourhoods, prioritising driving convenience over the proven safety benefits of lower speed limits.

We all drive too fast sometimes;

  • "I didn't notice I was going so fast!"
  • "Everyone else is doing it so why can't I?"
  • "A few miles an hour won't make much difference will it?"

Many of us underestimate the impact that just a few extra miles per hour can have. But every time we drive faster than the speed limit, or too fast for the road conditions, we increase the risk of a crash – and we increase the chance that someone we love will be killed or hurt on a road.  This year we need to have bigger conversations about why speed matters and the significance speed plays in every crash.

Whoever you are, however you travel, we need to talk about SPEED.

Sign up  here  to join the conversation and support this year's campaign. This will give you access to our action pack resources to help you, your community, school or organisation learn more about speed and keeping safe on our roads.

What is Road Safety Week?

Road Safety Week is Brake's biggest road safety campaign. Every year, thousands of schools, organisations and communities get involved to share important road safety messages, remember people affected by road death and injury, and raise funds to help Brake care for more road victims and campaign for safe roads for everyone.

Road Safety Week 2023 | 19-25 November 2023

Sign up now at  to take part in Road Safety Week 2023 and do something amazing to raise awareness of the dangers of excess or inappropriate speed. Help people understand why safe speeds are so vital for safe and healthy journeys.Everyone who registers will get access to a free Road Safety Week action pack, full of ideas and activities.You will also be one of the first to know what's happening and how you can get involved. We will send updates by email to everyone who has registered.

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