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Get Your Grant Applications in for a April or October Pay Out
(Subject to Approval)

The Curry Rivel Parish Council awards grants to local organisations at the April and October meetings. Unfortunately we are not able to award grants to individuals. The use of the grant must benefit the residents of the Parish.

The requirement for the grant must be financially sound followed at a later date by a report on how the money was spent. Applicants are encouraged to have more than one estimate if they propose buying products or services with the grant.

How to apply:

Download and print a hard copy of the Grant application form and return the completed form to the Parish Clerk (details below). Alternatively contact the clerk on 01458 251432.

The deadline for applications is the end of the third week in February or September. Be prepared for a representative to come along to the Parish Council meeting to give a three minute presentation about your application and answer questions arising. Following each question and answer session there will be a brief discussion between Councillors when they will vote to approve or not approve the request. Occasionally, an application my be deferred to the next meeting if more information is needed.

Jenny Ludgate
14 Brookland Road
Huish Episcopi
TA10 9SZ
01458 251432