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Curry Rivel Parish Council has been awarded £6,460 by Somerset County Council for a project looking at how we can improve heating the buildings in the village. We will investigate efficiency and sustainable heating methods and then to act as a catalyst for implementing some of them.

We have contracted a specialist company to get advice on what will work here. Once a good set of ideas have been identified, we will promote them through open meetings, the village website, Curry Rivel News, etc.

Since we started this project, the sharp rise in energy prices has made this project all the more urgent.

We need to understand how people are currently heating their houses, and how many would be interested in joining in any of the schemes that have been proposed. To help us with that, please could you complete a questionaire for us?

If you prefer, you can download the questionnaire in Word format or PDF format and either fill it in on your computer and email it to, or print it and post or drop it off at Heating Initiatives, The Cider Barn, Dyers Road, Curry Rivel, TA10 0PP. If you use the PDF version, use the "Sign Document" option at the top, and then it lets you fill in the text areas and click on the tick-boxes (you don't have to sign anything!). "

In the meantime, if you are thinking of improving your heating or insulation before the winter weather sets in again, don't delay! There is currently a huge demand for both more efficient heating systems and engineers to install them. Heat pumps are on a three-month waiting list.

A final piece of advice: we hear that there are some less than honest traders touting for business right now. Consumer organisations like Which recommend that you don't respond to traders who "cold call" you. Instead, seek the advice of an independent and trustworthy advisor organisation, such as the Centre for Sustainable Energy, at Also check out the South Somerset District Council advice page at The Somerset Retrofit Accelerator Project part looks particularly useful.

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