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Last month was National Stress Awareness Month – and who couldn't all do with less stress in their life? We all feel stressed from time to time and it can lead to a number of major health problems , ranging from anxiety to severe depression and from mild acne to life-threatening heart attacks.

So how so we keep our own stress levels in check? Try these few tips:
- Make up your mind to get and/or stay healthy – taking control of your personal health can make a great difference in the amount of stress you feel.
- Make a change – do something different such as having a good tidy up or taking a well-deserved holiday.
- Focus on now – live life in the "Now" and try to avoid dwelling on yesterday or tomorrow.
- Talk to yourself – give yourself a good pep talk and focus on what is right with your life (not what is wrong).
- Get the giggles – laughter is the best medicine so give yourself time to smile and laugh every day.
- Meditate – a still mind is a stress-free mind, so take a deep breath, quiet your thoughts and let the stress melt away.
- Keep a happiness journal – every evening for the next 30 days think about your day and list five good things you experienced.
- Put a positive spin on it – no matter what challenge you may be facing, do your best to think about it positively and let that positive mind-set become your focal point.
- Help someone else – putting the focus on another person takes the focus off yourself leading to less rumination and stress.

Remember: "It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it."

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