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An Emergency Management Team comprising Steve Allinson, Peter Goodenough,Tim Richards, Scott Patterson, Tony Greenaway, Laila Sadler and John de Ronde has been set up to respond to any requests for help from people struggling in the current crisis. The aim is to identify the most vulnerable people in our community and to provide assistance to them with shopping and other help they might need.

The success of this initiative depends on the distribution of a leaflet we have prepared for every household in our village which contains a red and a green card to place in their window which will be visible to anyone passing on their daily walk. The presence of the green card in the window indicates all is as well as can be expected but if it is replaced with a red card then we shall endeavour to ascertain the need and provide volunteer help. An emergency and dedicated telephone number is also clearly identified on the leaflet which will be kept open to aid further the necessary follow up contact.

Are you able to help distribute to your road or immediate vicinity? If you are fit and healthy and not in an " at risk" category please email the dedicated address with details of where you can deliver. Please ensure if you do offer to help that you can arrange your own protection (the wearing of plastic or other gloves is one suggestion). It is hoped that we can cascade this delivery over the weekend at the latest.

Once the distribution of leaflets is complete then we expect to start to receive requests for assistance. If you feel able to offer help in other ways then please contact any of the core team so that we can develop a list of people and the services/assistance they can offer.

Any other offers of help or ideas would also be gratefully received

These are difficult times but I'm sure our community will cope if we are prepared to help each other.

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