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Police Mobile Speed Cameras About 20th March 2017

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mobile speed camera van

Police mobile speed camera locations in South Somerset for week beginning Monday, 20th March 2017 Number of active cameras: 105

Bruton, Castle Cary, Chard, Crewkerne, Curry Rivel, Ilminster, Langport, Milborne Port, Somerton, Wincanton and Yeovil

A378, Curry Rivel (30mph) Site: 6127
B3168 Wiltown, Curry Rivel (30mph) Site: 6173
A372 Aller (30mph) Site: 6096
A372 Langport Road, Long Sutton (30mph) Site: 6097
B3153, Huish Episcopi (30mph) Site: 6136

A378, nr jct Green Lane, Fivehead (30mph) Site: 6158
A30 Crewkerne Road, Chard (30mph) Site: 6031
A30 East Chinnock (30mph) Site: 6024
A30 Henstridge (30mph) Site: 6114
A30 High Street, Chard (30mph) Site: 6150
A30 Mount Pleasant/Yeovil Road, Crewkerne (30mph) Site: 6140
A30 Roundham (40mph) Site: 6111
A30 Sherborne Road, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6121
A30 West Coker Road, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6099
A303 1/3 mile west of Wincanton (70mph) Site: 7041
A303 2 1/4 miles east of Sparkford (70mph) Site: 7059
A303 2 1/4 miles east of Wincanton (70mph) Site: 6129
A303 2 miles west of Wincanton (70mph) Site: 6042
A303 2/3 mile east of Wincanton (70mph) Site: 6128
A303 3 miles east of Sparkford – eastbound (70mph) Site: 6026
A303 3 miles east of Sparkford – westbound (70mph) Site: 6047
A303 Ilminster Bypass (60mph) Site: 6094
A303 Ilminster Bypass, nr Boxstone Hill overpass (60mph) Site: 6165
A303, Cartgate (70mph) Site: 6039
A303, Downhead (50mph) Site: 6046
A303, nr jct Durnfield (70mph) Site: 7062
A303/A358 Southfields Roundabout (60mph) Site: 4016
A3066, North Perrott (30mph) Site: 6055
A3088 Lysander Rd, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6083
A356 Station Road, Crewkerne (30mph) Site: 6174
A356, Broadshard, Crewkerne (30mph) Site: 6017
A356, Misterton (20mph) Site: 6132
A357 Templecombe (30mph) Site: 7040
A357, Lattiford (30mph) Site: 6119
A358 Donyatt (30mph) Site: 6059
A358 Furnham Road, Chard (30mph) Site: 6166
A358 Hornsbury Mill (40mph) Site: 6028
A359 Camel Street, Marston Magna (30mph) Site: 6156
A359 Cole Road, Pitcombe (30mph) Site: 6106
A359 Frome Road, Bruton (30mph) Site: 3266
A359 High Street, Sparkford (30mph) Site: 6149
A359 Mudford Road, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6161
A359, Galhampton (40mph) Site: 6133
A359, Mudford (30mph) Site: 6135
A359, Queen Camel (30mph) Site: 6144
A37 Ilchester Road, nr Yeovil College, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6000
A371 Cumnock Road, Castle Cary (30mph) Site: 3248
A372 New Town Road (30mph) Site: 6120
B3081 Dropping Lane, Bruton (30mph) Site: 6146
B3145 Charlton Hill, North Cheriton (30mph) Site: 6138
B3145, nr village square, Charlton Horethorne (30mph) Site: 7010
B3151 Ilchester (30mph) Site: 6032
B3151, Compton Dundon (30mph) Site: 6137
B3151, Yeovilton (40mph) Site: 6159
B3152 South Street, Castle Cary (30mph) Site: 6043
B3153 Behind Berry, Somerton (30mph) Site: 6157
B3153 Keinton Manderville (30mph) Site: 6110
B3153 Langport Road, Somerton (30mph) Site: 6095
B3153, Clansville, Castle Cary (30mph) Site: 6162
B3153, Lovington (30mph) Site: 6054
B3165 Long Load Rd, Stapleton (30mph) Site: 6151
B3165 Stapleton Road, Martock (30mph) Site: 6160
B3165, Long Sutton (20mph) Site: 6134
B3167 Perry Street, nr Factory Ln, South Chard (30mph) Site: 6069
B3167 Perry Street, nr jct Waterlake Rd, South Chard (30mph) Site: 6115
B3168, Westport (40mph) Site: 6154
Bayford Hill, Wincanton (30mph) Site: 6170
Bayford Hill, Wincanton (30mph) Site: 6030
Bluebell Road, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6057
Broadway Road, Broadway (30mph) Site: 6103
C5021, nr Gummer's Castle, east of Seavington St Michael (40mph) Site: 6034
Cad Road, Ilton (40mph) Site: 6167
Canal Way, Ilminster (30mph) Site: 6086
Clapton Village (30mph) Site: 6102
Combe Hill, nr jct Under Way, Combe St Nicholas (30mph) Site: 6082
Common Road, Wincanton (30mph) Site: 6155
Forton Road, Chard (30mph) Site: 6029
Harp Road, Watergore (40mph) Site: 6113
Head Street/Yeovil Road, Nr jct Vicarage Street, Tintinhull (30mph) Site: 6148
Highway, Nr Ash (30mph) Site: 6139
Holton Cross, Holton (30mph) Site: 6117
Horton (30mph) Site: 6092
Kingweston Road, Charlton Mackrell (30mph) Site: 7100
Lopen Village (30mph) Site: 6108
Lyde Road, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6130
Merriott Road, Merriott (30mph) Site: 6122
Montacute Road, Montacute (30mph) Site: 6142
Newton Road, Stoford (30mph) Site: 6125
North Street, Drayton (30mph) Site: 6153
Old Road, Odcombe (30mph) Site: 6126
Podimore village (30mph) Site: 6143
Pound Road, Broadway (30mph) Site: 6147
Preston Grove, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6168
Preston Road, Nr St James Church, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6145
Seavington St Michael (30mph) Site: 6090
Stourton Way, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6131
Swan Hill, Haselbury Plucknett (30mph) Site: 6085
Thorne Lane, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6084
Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi (30mph) Site: 6152
Tintinhull Road, Chilthorne Domer (30mph) Site: 6141
Wadeford, nr jct Pudleigh Lane (30mph) Site: 6018
West Hill, Wincanton (30mph) Site: 6171
West Lambrook, Nr jct West Lane (30mph) Site: 6063
West Street, Stoke Sub Hamdon (30mph) Site: 7013

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