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Since the last update the Parish Council has moved forward on a number of fronts:

1. we submitted three bids for funding under the Somerset Climate Emergency Fund. The applications cover feasibility studies for a car share scheme, a shared cycle/pedestrian path linking Curry Rivel to Langport and energy projects. The outcome from our bids will be known early in the New Year

2. a volunteer footpath warden has been appointed who will be reporting direct to the Council on issues to do with our local footpath network. John Garstone has already been in contact with local landowners and walkers . If you have seen a gentleman walking a little black dog most days whilst collecting litter, then that is John setting a wonderful example in keeping our village tidy.

3. The issues regarding the Speed Indicator Devices seem to have been resolved and the two units are operating effectively and hopefully slowing down speeding traffic. It is hoped that the devices will soon be producing data to enable us to see the impact on average speeds as well as volumes.

4. The Curry Woods Conservation Trust has been awarded £12000 by SSDC and is now planning the planting of trees.

5. At its most recent meeting, the Parish Council confirmed the appointment of Lydia Mason, a local resident, to the post of Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer.

The full minutes of Parish Council meetings are available on the website . CLICK HERE

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 3rd December starting at the later time of 8 pm. The public are welcome to attend this meeting which will be video conference

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