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On line quiz


Try this for a bit of escapism!

The Langport & District History Society is renowned for our quirky quizzes, but our current printed quiz 'It's about time' is also in lockdown as many of the venues who sell it are closed.

Today we've decided to release our next one to help everyone stay occupied and amused in these difficult times. We'll be tweeting a new clue each day. As usual, the clues are a mixture of cryptics, anagrams and puns. They are all completely original.

We're asking people to keep the answers to themselves so as not to spoil it for others. Instead they should save them up and send them in at the end for a prize. (And no, like everyone else, we don't know when the end will be!)

Appropriately, it's called 'Out of this world'. All the clues will appear on the quizzes page of our website

Janet Seaton
20 March 2020

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