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July Edition of 'Sorted' the newsletter of the Somerset Waste Partnership

20th July 2019
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Welcome to the July edition of Sorted!

We are keen to hear your ideas on anything you're doing to cut waste, raise reuse and help recycling across Somerset, so please do send in any top tips to share with other readers.

In this month's issue:

Simple ways to recycle plastics and do your bit for our oceans

Easy-to-follow advice for safe summer barbequing

Top tips to keep your next visit to the recycling centre drama-free.

Bags of life left in that!

Did you know that it's possible to recycle stretchy "thin film" items like bread bags, magazine wrappers, food bags, plastics around toilet rolls, and- even though we know you all take your reusable bags wherever you go- all those carrier bags in cupboards and drawers?

Some of the larger supermarkets now offer carrier bag and film collection points that can be used to recycle a range of plastics, including those mentioned above. Check with their customer services about what they take and remember that compostable or biodegradable bags should be kept for your home compost bin.'

Recyclable packaging will often have an on-pack label reading "Recycle with carrier bags at larger stores". For more on stretchy plastics, see our comprehensive Facebook post.

Top tips for a trouble-free visit
We all made an amazing 1.6 million visits to recycle sites last year- well done!

Summer is here and with it, lots more visits on the cards. All our sites have a great safety record, but with all the extra activity over the summer we want to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible.

We've put together a few tips to help avoid any mishaps during your next visit:

Take care with your vehicle; drive slowly and carefully, follow the directed routes, watch for pedestrians and other vehicles, and switch off your engine and put on the handbrake before unloading
Keep children with you at all times- you are responsible for their safety

Animals must remain in your vehicle

Wear appropriate footwear- no flip-flops or sandals- watch for trip hazards or anything that's been dropped, use gloves to handle your waste, take care on steps, use handrails, and never climb on or in a skip

Make sure you're able to handle the size and weight of your load safely. Site staff can help with bulky items but not if it's unreasonably heavy. If you need help or information, ask the staff and follow their advice.

See our full safety advice here.

Enjoy your visit!

Keeping your cool

Summer is perfect for a barbeque, but simple mistakes with hot embers can cause fires that could ruin a lovely day.

A fire in a rubbish bin or hot coals in the bin could not only threaten your own home and family but also put waste staff and firefighters at risk.

Follow these simple steps to stay cool and calm this summer:

Let ash and portable barbeques cool completely or fully drench with water, and never put portable barbeques, hot ash or part-burned materials from domestic or garden fires in the bin

Return empty gas canisters or oxygen cylinders to the sales outlet or take to a recycle site (charges apply)

Don't put household or vehicle batteries in the bin as they may short out or cause sparks. Recycle vehicle and household batteries through your local recycle site (some high street stores and supermarkets also collect household batteries, too)

Carefully wrap and bag broken glass, which should also never go in recycle boxes as it could act as a magnifying lens on a landfill site

Use up aerosols completely, do not crush or pierce, and then add them to recycle boxes (not the bin as they may get hot or pierced during the collection and landfill process).

Clarification: Recycle More
In the May Sorted!, we wrote: "Recycle More has been fully tested in a long-term, large-scale trial in Somerset that saw recycling levels jump, rubbish tonnages fall, very few problems- all of which were easily resolved, no fly-tipping, and overwhelming support: the post-trial survey showed 84% approval rating for Recycle More's extra recycling and less frequent rubbish collections." To clarify, there was no fly-tipping related to Recycle More, and the approval rating was 86%.

PS:'Next time in Sorted!
We will be looking at great ways to save on summer food. Don't forget to send us your top tips to waste less and recycle more at home, as well as letting us know about any local

More on Somerset Waste Partnership, our services and preventing waste

See our website for lots more information on waste and recycling services and what more you can to do to reduce, reuse and recycle. Contact your local council customer services helpline if you need assistance with our services.
Tel: 01823 625700

Somerset Waste Partnership manages waste and recycling services on behalf of all local authorities in Somerset.

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