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Every household in the parish should have received a letter from the Community Support Group (sponsored by The Parish Council) providing advice on look out for each other in this challenging time.

The letter contained a Green and a Red card to display in a prominent window so that a passer by could seethat all is well or that some assistance was required.

A walk around the village (not all of it) suggested that 80 to 90 % of buildings were displaying these and happily no red ones were seen

If you are out for your one hour of daily exercise do please be vigilant and make a point of looking out for Red cards just in case someone needs assistance and hasn't contacted the Support Team either byh e mail which is or the dedicated phone line number which is 07716 792 760

It is important to remain safe and the advice from the POLICE is: If someone you don't know calls at your home, ALWAYS ask for ID and ALWAYS ensure you are comfortable sharing personal details such as your phone number

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