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Footpaths and Litter – John Casebourne Reports

1st December 2020
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Winter is just arriving. Nevertheless, a beautiful time of year. The hedgerows and verges are receiving their annual trim, exposing more litter in the undergrowth which is often cut up into small pieces as the cutter does its job.

So I keep going with the picker stick to retrieve more litter before the spring growth begins once again to cover it up.

This month the worst examples are shown in the pictures.

A carrier bag has printed on it, degradable, so why not dispose of it in the correct way rather than dump it in North St on the way to Drayton! It would have taken 75-100 years for the contents to decompose. If that wasn't enough another 5 stellar cans were picked up before I reached Drayton church. Then as I walked back to Brickwall Lane along Drayton Rd, the one in the hedge caught my attention along with another 3 before I reached the top of Brickwell Lane. The bottom photograph shows a carrier bag containing human excrement.

Lager tins are also dumped in; Dyers Road, Butt Lane, Currywoods Way, Back lane, the road to Wick from the A378, and the A378 to Langport from Curry Rivel along with all sorts of other litter. I say.... "are also dumped", because I pick up more lager tins than any other rubbish. It is ongoing, it never ceases. It really is a shame that some people don't fully appreciate just how long litter takes to decompose and, how it degrades our towns and villages. So if you know of someone who regularly fly tips, including garden waste, or, throws their rubbish out of the car window, please ask them to stop and, consider the consequences of what they are doing.

On a brighter note; as well as being appointed Volunteer Footpath Warden by our Parish Council, I have also been appointed as the Public Path Liaison Officer by Somerset County Council for our area. This is also a voluntary post and the SCC, would, I'm sure, appreciate your help to further the cause of keeping our local public rights of way free for everyone to enjoy and, where appropriate, help with any practical maintenance.

I wish to assist landowners, where I am able; to update the way marks, signs, other appropriate notices, which could advise the public concerning the countryside code and any other important issues along the public rights of way.

I'm here to assist where I can!

However, I don't have a crystal ball so please contact me by email;

I really do hope that Covid 19 doesn't spoil our Christmas family moments. So on a positive note; happy Christmas everyone. Remember the catch phrase, 'Every little helps'. 😉

John Casebourne

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