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By the time this article goes to press we may or may not have Brexited and a general election may or may not have been called. So perhaps this is the perfect opportunity, if you are not already registered to vote, to sign up now.

If you missed National Democracy Week, SSDC has lots of advice on their website and social media platforms encouraging more people to get involved in our democracy. The easiest and quickest way to register is to visit – all you need is your National Insurance number and it takes about five minutes to compete the application. You can also change the way you vote, for example in person, by post or proxy. In South Somerset there are currently 129,000 people registered to vote.
SSDC's Environment Strategy took a step closer to being formally adopted after it was recommended for approval by Full Council at the District Executive Committee.

Earlier this year SSDC formally recognised a climate and ecological emergency and since then have been identifying interventions that will help to achieve significant reduction, in the order of 80%, in our carbon emissions. The aim is to be carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest.

If you would like to get involved in future projects within your community such as biodiversity, protecting species, recycling, etc, please email SSDC is leading the way in Somerset and your engagement is vital in delivering these ambitions.
We are receiving numerous complaints about the inability to make direct contact and communicate with SSDC. It would seem with the focus on income generation and transformation there has been a frustrating lack of focus on core values such as providing basic services to residents. We have forwarded your concerns and hope this situation is quickly rectified.

County Councillor – Tiffany Osborne
County Councillor – Clare Aparacio-Paul

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