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Curry Rivel Community Support Group Weekly Update

4th April 2020 @ 12:12pm
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Dear all. I hope to give you an update each week on the work of the Curry Rivel Community Support Group whilst these challenging times remain.

It is hard to believe that it is only one week ago that we completed at very short notice our aim of delivering our help information leaflet and red and green cards to everyone in our Parish. As i go round the village for my exercise or to help as a volunteer, it is really uplifting to see the majority of houses displaying green cards. Please remember though that if you see a red card on your daily exercise, please contact us via the email address or the dedicated telephone number 07716792760

We have had this week a couple of instances of neighbours spotting the red card and help has been forthcoming. That is great to see the system working in action.

As for our volunteer scheme, I am pleased to say that we believe all has gone well this week. We now have over 30 volunteers throughout the Parish who have signed up to help us, which is great. If you haven't, and are fit and well, we would love to hear from you via the same contact details above.

I am also very pleased to report that Carenza Hewitt is now our On Line administrator of the scheme. What this means is that initial enquiries for help are routed via her and she then ensures they are passed to the volunteer team. Carenza grew up in the village and then left to go to University. Having graduated she is currently back here due to the current situation and volunteered to be part of our scheme. How great it is that one of the " younger" members of our village community is helping in this way. Carenza has taken over from Tony Greenaway (thank you for all you have done to date, Tony) so he can concentrate on the web site at this important time. I am sure all volunteers reading this will agree that Carenza has been great at organising us, and is already developing further ideas to make the support scheme more efficient.

The one area where we would like more coverage is in the " road representatives". Whether you are a volunteer or not, could you be responsible for just looking out for the green/red cards in your immediate vicinity when you take your daily exercise? If you could, please contact us with details of the road(s) you could cover and Carenza will be in touch with you. It is a simple way of making a difference.

A message from Steve Allinson.

Talking of making a difference , we have also launched this week the "Phone Friends Service". Again, you will have seen details on the website. It is a suggestion that started originally from one of the first rersidents who requested some assistance from the Support Group and has been taken on board by Scott Patterson and Tim Richards, two of our core team, and is to benefit people who may be isolating alone and feeling a little lonely or in need of a chat. Once again, if you feel you could volunteer for this scheme, let us know via the usual channels above, and we can explain how it works.

Finally, at this time it is important to try and support our local businesses if possible, as they are finding these times tough for obvious reasons. One of our aims as a group has been to undertake shopping for those who need it. Many of you are able to undertake your own of course which is great. Today, I met on my travels, and spoke with, Kate at the Firehouse (at an appropriate distance of course) and she has made a very good supply of everyday essential food and drink available, as well as fresh bread and meat and vegetables daily. She is opening from 10am-12 noon on weekdays in the entrance area of The Firehouse, and will take telephone orders for local delivery. I mention this because part of the aim of our group is to bring the whole community together.

As always , if any reader has any thoughts or ideas about the scheme, please use the email address above or contact me personally at the address below.

Thank you to all who are " doing their bit" for our village community at this time.

Steve Allinson

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