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Curry Rivel Community Support Group Weekly Update

11th April 2020 @ 7:07am
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As we approach the Easter weekend, it seems clear that the Government will want to continue with physical distancing and self isolation measures for the foreseeable future as we all seek to do our bit to beat the Covid 19 virus. For this reason, the support we can all give each other in our community continues to be important.

The Community Support Group continues to offer practical help and support through its dedicated email address, Help Page and telephone number. A reminder of these contact details is set out at the bottom of this article.

Our co-ordinator, Carenza, tells me that this week has been quieter than last in terms of requests for help, which hopefully means that those who need support are obtaining it either from our volunteers or family, friends or neighbours. We are aware that so much is being done quietly and efficiently in our village which is great.

We shall, of course, always seek to keep you up to date with the help that is available through the Curry Rivel Village website. This week, your volunteer committee has been considering other ideas that support can be given at this time when residents are staying at home.

We are currently exploring whether it is possible to organise a village quiz or other social events " remotely" for those who want to take part. We hope to have more news on that next week. It also gives us an opportunity to ask anyone who reads this article to send in possible ideas to enable the village to keep its "community" feel going at these challenging times. So, get your thinking caps on – perhaps other family members or friends from different places have mentioned something that brought people together? If so, please share it with us so we can see if it possible to take it forward.

There are many many sugggestions of things to do on line, but that can also sometimes be overwhelming. Maybe you are prepared to be our " arts critic" and suggest films or plays to watch, and if they are available free then a group watching at the same time can be therapeutic. Perhaps you have taken some photographs on your daily walk – should we invite a gallery from around the village to be collated? Would a weekly themed challenge be of interest ?

I am sure there are many other ideas that could lighten our days and bring a smile to many faces. None of this is to detract, of course, from the core work of our great volunteers to support those who need help with errands or other practical things, but it is just to emphasise that we can all be there for each other in many different ways.

So, please do get in touch via email to the Curry Rivel website –

Finally, it will be a strange Easter time for us this year. A time when many of us would normally be with our families and loved ones. So, if you are feeling lonely, please use our Phone Friend Service that we started last week. Simply call the Support Group Help Number and enquire about the Phone Friend Service

Happy Easter from all of us at the Curry Rivel Community Support Group.

Steve Allinson

Contact Details :
Dedicated email address :
Support Group Helpline number 07716792760

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