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CRiB Taps Wessex Water for cash4 Sep 2018
CRiB Taps Wessex Water for cash2 Sep 2018
CRiB Taps Wessex Water for cash1 Sep 2018
CRiB Taps Wessex Water for cash3 Sep 2018
CRiB Taps Wessex Water for cash5 Sep 2018
CRiB Taps Wessex Water for cash6 Sep 2018
CRiB Taps Wessex Water for cash7 Sep 2018

The team from CRiB was presented with a cheque for £300 from Wessex Water towards the cost of installing the water access and the tap at the War Memorial.

This will make it easier to keep the garden well-watered and fresh, especially throughout the period of tropical heat in July, without having to haul heavy watering cans and 2 litre bottles of water back and forth.

The presentation was made by Jody, a Technical Officer from Wessex Water. Photographs (other than these) were taken by Les Copeland, Photographer for the Western Gazette.

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