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Community Support Group Update from Steve Allinson

4th May 2020 @ 11:11am
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corona virus

Curry Rivel Community Support Group ("CRCSG")

As we enter a new month of " lock down", I wanted to update everybody through the website of our ongoing CRCSG work. I also wanted to use this article to say a really huge thank you to all those from our community who are key workers, and in addition to those who are keeping some of our local services going. Please do support each and every one of them as by doing so you will be helping our small businesses, who need your support at this time.

At CRCSG, we continue to respond to individual requests for help in terms of shopping, prescriptions etc. However, if there are other needs, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or email and, as always, the confidential details are set out at the bottom of this article. Once again, my very grateful thanks to Carenza Hewitt who is doing a great job acting as our administrator and coordinating all requests and also to all those who have signed up as volunteer helpers.

Other opportunities have, as you know, been created, with the " Friend Phone" service and the ability to use our new village Zoom account to organise calls or virtual meetings for the various village societies that can't meet physically at the moment. If more details of these are required, please contact us through the same channels.

In addition, as a social activity, we have undertaken a couple of on line Zoom Quizzes which have been keenly contested and I believe enjoyed by all who took part. You can find reports of those on the village web site.Obviously the purpose of these activities is to break the monotony which many feel, but I am also conscious that not everyone is able to join a team, and so any other ideas for social or other interaction within the bounds of lock down will always be gratefully received. I know some communities are having " virtual pub nights" when a group of friends get together and chat as if they were sharing time in their local. Again, feel free to contact us if this idea appeals.

However, I wanted to write specifically this week about our new Food Bank scheme, which is now up and running and which will, I hope, play a really important role in our community.

We have been building on the work that has previously been done by Ginny Smith in this area, and Ginny has written about that in the latest on line edition of Curry Rivel News. She has been instrumental in working with us to develop the scheme and sharing her ideas and expertise with us.

Every household in the village will receive a " flyer" about the scheme this week, and so if you or anyone you know needs help, please do not hesitate to contact us again through the same channels. You can be assured of total confidentiality in any communication.

Every Wednesday and Saturday between 12 noon and 1 pm we shall be pleased to receive food and other donations at the United Reform Church in Wiltown. Thank you to all the volunteers who help at these times and to our two vicars, Scott and Tim who have been instrumental in encouraging this venture. Any cash donations to enable us to buy fresh food items to deliver to those in need, is clearly accounted for by Steve Beney who is looking after that side of things.

I am also very pleased to report that Drayton Parish has asked to be part of our Food Bank and so we shall be pleased to help anyone whom you know from there. Our scheme has been publicised there for food and other donations too in their newsletter.

We know from the national and local news that this pandemic has affected the lives of all of us in some way. However, the financial consequences for some individuals and families are often severe. We hope by reaching out in this way we can help anyone and everyone who needs it, whether it be a " one off" need or a more permanent time.

Best wishes to all and please stay safe.

Steve Allinson

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