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28th March 2020 @ 6:06pm
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On behalf of the whole team of the Curry Rivel Support Group ( Tony Greenaway, Rev Scott Patterson, Rev Tim Richards, John De Ronde, Laila Sadler and Councillor Peter Goodenough), I would like to thank all those from the village who responded to our initial call for help. Through the hard work of many people, we produced and delivered an emergency help leaflet and red and green cards to the whole of the Curry Rivel parish ( which is bigger than many of you may think) in 48 hours. Particular thanks go to Graeme Best at Somerton Printery for producing all the leaflets and cards at very short notice and to John De Ronde for masterminding the distribution network, and, of course, to all those who carried out the deliveries.

A further thank you as well to those of you who have taken the trouble to contact us and say how much this initiative is appreciated. It is great to see so many green cards appearing in households around the village-long may that continue! Please may I remind everyone that if you are someone who is able to undertake your daily exercise under Government guidelines and you see a red card then please contact the emergency support mobile number so we can action the concern.

A final thank you now to those who have " signed up" to be helpers via the website. We are compiling a full list and already some requests for help have been met. It has been suggested that we introduce a system of Road Reps. who monitor their areas and coordinate requests for assistance with a team of volunteer helpers. IS THIS SOMETHING YOU COULD DO IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD? IF SO PLEASE CONTACT ME BY E MAIL TO

It is impossible to predict how busy we shall become with requests for help, but the important thing is to offer this service.

Some people have asked if this is a Parish Council initiative. I can confirm that we have been expressly authorised by the Parish Council to set up this voluntary group and the Vice Chairman of the PC, Peter Goodenough, is part of our core group. I realise that, having come together very quickly, there are things that we are learning as we go along. We shall continue to post relevant updates on the village website and we are in touch with other local groups and national organisations to ensure we follow best practice in these extraordinary times.

I am also aware that in our village many other support initiatives via friends and neighbours are taking place. That is great and I know a source of comfort to many. If we are able to help in coordinating those then that can only be a good thing and, ultimately, we hope that we can be part of the whole "coming together" that we are seeing up and down the country at these difficult times. It is our wish that once this crisis is over ( and it will be) we may have helped to develop a real sense of community in our village.

Let me end with an important request. If you are reading this and think that you want to add your name to the list of volunteers, please email us at We would love to add you to our ever growing list. In addition I have put my email address below if you wish to raise any other point or ask particular questions about our group.

Stay safe and best wishes to all

Steve Allinson
Chair, Curry Rivel Support Group

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