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St. Andrew's Church, Curry Rivel Supervised Private Prayer from Sunday 28th June 2020)

 The Church will be open for individual private prayer on Thursdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
 A supervisor will be in attendance to offer advice and guidance on safety and procedures.
 The Church is available to all, but DO NOT ENTER if you, or a member of your household is suffering from any Covid-19 related symptoms, or has experienced symptoms within the last 7 days.
 Please observe social distancing at all times. Face masks and gloves are not mandatory but are recommended.
 Hand gel is provided at the door and MUST BE USED before entering AND leaving the Church.
 Prayer positions are restricted to the front centre nave pews and the choirstalls only, and are clearly marked.
 No other part of the church is available and must not be entered.
 Please observe the one-way system, clearly marked on the floor.
 Do not touch any object, surface, door handles or furniture except those in the immediate vicinity of your prayer position. This will prevent unnecessary cleaning.
 There are reversible cards at each designated 'prayer zone' indicating whether or not that position is available. Please turn over the card when you leave.
 No hymn books and prayer books will be available. You may wish to bring your own.
 If you, or any member of your household develops ANY symptoms of Covid-19 within 7 days of visiting the Church, you MUST inform the Rector (251375) IMMEDIATELY! Appropriate action will then be taken.

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