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Somewhere to find any poetry that may popup on the website.

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CRiB RHS Judging Day 29th July 2019

Give me dames, costumes and panto 19th Feb 2019

Snowmen on the Church Green 1st Feb 2019

Late Autumn Days 30th November 2018

CRiB Installs New High St Planters 6th July 2018

Eastfield where wild orchids grow 17th June 2018

Winter's White Carpet 5th March 2018

What is Snow? 2nd March 2018

The No.54 Bus 9th February 2018

The Village Flower Show 5th August 2017

I Need a Litter Hero -- Think Bonnie Tyler
Heroes Wanted for biggest-ever litter campaign March 4th-5th, 20th Feb 2017

Time to Pull Out the Finger and Help CRiB
Curry Rivel in Bloom will be entering the Cox Cup in the main Britain in Bloom South West competition, 3rd Feb 2017

The Shoe Box
The Shoe Box Appeal 2016 Update 2016, 12th Dec 2016

The Monument
St Andrew's Day tribute, 30th Nov 2016

Ode to the Monument
The Burton Pynsent Monument will be 250 years old next year. 24th November 2016

Master Kilby
Master Kilby is a folk song collected from Harry Richards of Curry Rivel in Somerset both on July 29, 1904 and on January 6, 1909, by Cecil Sharp. 16th October 2016

Bus Route 55
Service 55 was announced as being withdrawn from 30th October 2016.
Service 55 (Taunton -- Langport -- Somerton -- Street -- Wells)
13th October 2016

David German wrote of hedgerows and their importance, Hedgerows — Nature's Motorways, which prompted this short tirade. 13th October 2016

Elvers and Eels
Huw Parsons, a man of many talents, recently asked for help in identifying Brown & Forrest, the very fine Smokery at Bowdens Farm, Hambridge. He kindly sent us a poem in return....... 15th September 2016