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Can you spare an hour or so each week to make a difference in our community? As lockdown comes to an end, our very loyal group of volunteers will inevitably have other commitments and, hopefully, the opportunity to see friends and family and undertake their own hobbies to a greater degree than has been possible during lockdown. Therefore, we would like to increase the number of people upon whom we can call for assistance.

As from Saturday 1st May, we are changing the Food Bank opening times to reflect the greater freedom now offered with lockdown being eased.

The new times to receive donations and for our volunteers to work will be 10.30-11.30 on both Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

So, are you able to help swell the volunteer numbers? Perhaps you could help us by doing some shopping for those who can't get out, or be present to receive donations at our Food Bank once a week, or perhaps help on our deliveries to our clients? Sometimes, as well, we receive different specific enquiries that we need to work with others to accommodate.If you feel you could join us , we would love to hear from you, so please send a short email to our volunteer coordinator, Kate Derrick, who can be contacted at:

Alternatively, feel free to ring myself on tel:07808164068, if you want to ask any questions on how you could help or for more information on the work we do, or send an expression of interest to the village website and it will be referred to us.

The more offers of help we have, the larger our rota becomes and the less time commitment will be needed by everyone. This is surely community support in action? As a core team of volunteers we are committed to continue the work that has been undertaken for the last year as we believe it has provided a vital service for those in need from Curry Rivel, Drayton and Hambridge, and we hope all reading this will agree. If you are able to volunteer we can guarantee it is not an onerous task and one that hopefully will bring enjoyment and the satisfaction of " giving back" with others to those who need help in our lovely three villages of Curry Rivel, Drayton and Hambridge.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Steve Allinson

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