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Westfield Improvements – Have Your Say!

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Westfield Improvements – What do you think?

YES, they really want to know!

Curry Rivel Parish Council is looking to improve the facilities at Westfield Recreation Ground. There are monies set aside for this and additional grants may also be available to help fund it. And you can bet your life someone is working hard behind the scenes in order to secure those grants on your behalf!

Westfield is a great facility that is currently underused. The bulk of equipment is presently for younger children but our Parish Council now has the opportunity to increase the facilities and equipment to include older children and adults, making it a useable space for all. Among the ideas put forward so far are:

  • an all weather exercise track around a reduced size sports pitch
  • a multi exercise equipment area
  • a pump track that can be used by BMX type bikes and skate boarders
  • table tennis table(s)
  • extra planting to create a sensory area for just relaxing and reflecting

Check out a proposed lay out of how Westfield could be improved with these new facilities. You can enlarge the image if you click on it.

  • What do you think?
  • What do your children think?

Come on folks, it's no use saying you wish the Parish Council had installed (... insert your idea here ...) if you don't TELL THEM WHAT YOU'D LIKE!

So, instead of inserting your idea here, why not insert it into an email. Please email your suggestions, your thoughts, ideas and comments to Councillor Les Hood;

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