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URC News and Services July

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United Reformed Church Services.JULY 2021

Services are at 10:30 am unless otherwise stated.

Services are taking place in our Chapel building and simultaneously live via Zoom. Anyone unable to attend in person who would like to feel part of a worshipping community is invited to join with us – from any denomination or none – simply email Steve Beney on expressing your interest and he will make contact with you explaining how you can join with us on Sundays @ 10:30 am.

Sunday 4th July Mrs Alison Reed Richards

Sunday 11th July Rev. Evelyn Ridout

Sunday 18th July Rev. Tim Richards

Sunday 25th July via Zoom Rev. Tim Richards

Sunday 1st August Witness Box

We are an inclusive, outward looking group of people and we welcome all: wherever you are on your life/spiritual journey we welcome you without regard to age, gender, denominational background, sexual orientation, race or ability. We respect the traditions of our past, engage with present and look forward to the future, believing that Christian truth is not contained in static prepositional statements but is ever changing and constantly evolving. Tea/coffee is served after every service providing the opportunity to meet and chat with each other and the preacher.

URC Minister: Rev. Tim Richards 01458 252799


Some readers may be aware Curry Rivel United Reform Church share Rev. Tim with 4 other URC congregations – we belong to the Mid-Somerset Group of United Reformed Churches stretching from Glastonbury to Curry Rivel with Street, Somerton, Langport in between.

There have been myriad consequences of the global health pandemic; globally, nationally, locally, publicly & privately – some regarded positively, some negatively & some with a cautious ‘let’s see how it pans out’ attitude. One of the consequences for the Mid-Somerset Group is the decision of our Langport Church not to re-open; 5 becomes 4. Whilst there is an air of sadness & feeling of loss I have been drawn to think about Legacy – that which continues on after someone, something has ceased to exist.

We often speak of the legacy of individuals at their dying expressed in obituaries, eulogies, condolence cards, words of comfort, public statements of commitment to their cause – it can be one way of keeping memories alive. Langport URC’s Legacy is something for a different magazine but I am left wondering what our/my legacy will be -nationally, locally, publicly, privately, societal & individual – in the light of the challenges & opportunities of the last 18 months? What have been the consequences & which of those are worth celebrating- talking about- & which are worth keeping – bequeathing? How do we engage with Kingdom living right here, right now? In ways which benefit on a global & local, societal & individual scale – what is, will be our Legacy?


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