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OK, so maybe this is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but click here for some useful information for days when temperatures get a little higher than we're used to.

Your editor has been enjoying some rather lower temperatures at about 25C (hot enough for sure) and avoided the UK heatwave altogether. My but doesn't it play havoc with the garden! There's a bit of work to be done for the next few days (weeks!) to restore some order – such as it was. I'd admit to not having the greenest of fingers. My entry to Open Gardens 2023 would have to be an interactive affair – bring some gardening gloves and get stuck in with the weeding.

Anyway, back to topic. As well as taking reasonable precautions such as keeping hydrated, using sunscreen, wearing a hat and looking out for your family and friends who may be less able to care for themselves, you can help the NHS by taking the appropriate action if care is needed.

NHS Somerset has provided this handy lolly stick reminder of what to do and when, so please do refer to it – or any of their other guides and tips featured here should you need to. But mainly, be sensible, stay safe!

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