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Speeding – can cost more than a fine!

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There is much concern locally about speeding and in particular the threat of an accident which might lead to serious injury.

The Parish Council is aware of these concerns and has been in touch with the local police and Highways about it . Action has been taken to dissuade drivers from exceeding speed limits.. Speed Indicator Devices have been installed in two locations and from time to time these will be moved to different locations in and around the village. Mobile police speed cameras have also been increased.

Residents can play their part by reporting speeding and other examples of bad driving. The police have a website where you can report cases and if you have evidence on your phone, then that can be uploaded. This is the link

We have a local Speedwatch team which in normal times, is on duty in different locations throughout the village. However, they require volunteers to help out for just a few hours a month. Could you spare the time to help with this important work which has been proven to reduce speeding motorists. If so then contact the Speedwatch Coordinator, Robert Crowley, e mail

The vast majority of drivers are sensible and drive safely within the speed limits. Unfortunately, there are some who seem to think that safe driving does not apply to them.

When people are caught there are heavy penalties. In one case, a driver was caught driving at 80mph on the B3168 Westport, where a 40mph speed limit was in force.

As well as being ordered to pay a large fine and costs, the driver was disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence.

Fortunately, in this case only the driver's pocket was hurt!

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