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Who listens to the Archers then?

Did you hear the particularly poignant episode on 29th August. Tough as old boots single mum Tracy Horrobin struggles with the loss of her job – through no fault of her own – a teenage daughter's looming 18th birthday and wanting to reward her clever son for his amazing GCSE results finally confesses she just can't cope.

Considering herself a total failure as a mum, she confides her woes to kindly Ambridge regular Oliver Sterling who finds her crying on a park bench. Oliver introduces her to the food bank and proud Tracy is appalled that he would think she'd use it. It's not for the likes of her! She isn't desperate, homeless, down and out!

No, she isn't, she's just struggling at the moment, and that's where the food bank could help her. Just a brief respite to get her through a difficult patch. Touched by the kindness of strangers, Tracy accepts the help of the non-judgemental volunteer and life looks brighter for a while.

Yes, it's a bit cliched – but it's well done and it is a story of our times.

So whether you need help, or can help all you need to know is that Curry Rivel, Hambridge and Drayton Food Bank operates out of St Andrews Church in Curry Rivel (Church Road, Curry Rivel, Langport TA10 0HQ).
Contact on 01458 250997 or 07714 265384

Want to Help?

Whilst all donations are welcome, the shopping list highlights those items that the food bank is currently running short of. It is regularly published here.

Donations – particularly fresh produce – can be delivered to St Andrews Church during the food bank opening times when volunteers will be on site (Wednesday 10.30-11.30) so it can be distributed on the same day.

Donations of non perishable items will also be accepted on Wednesday mornings, or can be left on the table inside the North Chapel at the front left hand side of St Andrews Church at any time. There is also a box in the porch at St Catherine's Church, Drayton where you can also leave non perishable goods at any time.

Need help?

If you need help with food, either on a regular basis or just a 'one off' delivery the phone number to ring is:- 01458 250997 or 07714 265384

You will not need a referral, just make that initial phone call. Every call is dealt with entirely in confidence.

Cash donations?

Monetary donations can be taken by volunteers on site during the usual Wednesday morning opening hours. The Food Bank does have a bank account and if you'd prefer to donate remotely or anonymously or in a way that may be more convenient for you, banking details can be given out if you would like to set up a standing order to make regular donations. Just call one of the numbers above or ask at the Food Bank for details.

Read more about the Food Bank here

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