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Well, readers. It's obvious what grabs your attention!

Just the mention of those magic words 'residential development' has you clicking the link in your droves. At the business end of this website I can see how many 'hits' we've had. Some articles don't excite you at all, in the main they get a couple of hundred views with those about roadworks/travel and our buses getting their fair share, along with nature and wildlife and our gardens. Well done CRiB – winning gold was one of the recent highlights, as are our Parish Councillors' live campaigns, Active Travel and the Heating Initiatives Project. (If you click the links you'll add yet more to the 'hits' and maybe discover something interesting.)

But all of these have been spectacularly outstripped by one article. The proposed development off Abbey Close has – so far – had over 1250 hits in just two days since it was posted! So more than half of the village population has taken an interest. Either that or just a select few of you have been busy clicking all night!

So just to bring you up to date, you can air your views constructively at a consultation event to be held by Polden Planning in the Village Hall on 23 November at 3 pm to 7 pm.

There you can ask your questions, make your feelings known, offer your support – or not. Polden Planning will feed back the result of this consultation to the Parish Council on 1st December.

Polden Planning has asked that its letter be discussed by the Parish Council at its scheduled meeting on 3rd November. This is not the place to make your feelings heard by Polden Planning – save that for 23rd November.

And from now on, I'm going to title every article 'they're building a housing estate at the bottom of your garden'. That'll boost engagement!

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